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“Your Expressive Day”

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"Expressions of Joy" Package

The Best of Both Worlds in Wedding Planning

Every wedding deserves the help of a professional wedding planner.
This package is designed for those who would like a wedding planner, but don’t find themselves fitting with one of the packages at either end of the spectrum. 

Brides these days are seeing the benefit of having a professional wedding coordinator at their wedding and helping them in the planning stages and this package really appeals to that smart bride. She gets to plan her own wedding, but she also gets someone to help her with those things that are confusing or hard for those who have never planned a wedding before.

With the meeting to get you off to the right start, a meeting mid way to see where you are, and a meeting to finalize all the details, this package leaves no stones unturned. It really is a great compromise for those who would like the best of both worlds in wedding planning.

Your “Expressions of Joy” package includes the following:

• Everything included in "Your Expressive Day"

• A preferred vendor list to help you in choosing your vendors

• A preferred site list to help you pick the right place to hold your event

• A budget created with your preferences and input

• A Decoration Design Scheme with rental item and purchase list to bring your wedding to life

• One meeting to get your budget and wedding planning off to the right start

• One meeting halfway through to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly

• Information on etiquette, traditions, customs and personalization

Starting at an investment of $2400