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“Your Expressive Day”

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"Your Expressive Day" Package

Your Day-of-the-Wedding Coordinator

An event manager is key to every successful wedding day.

On your wedding day you do not want to be lagged down with details and worries. Your day-of-the-wedding coordinator will make sure your day goes as smoothly as you have planned on it being. You donít want your mom, his mom, your families or your bridal party being in charge of the dayís events, either. They already have a responsibility to you and your happiness on that day. They are there for you and to enjoy the wedding and reception. They are going to be with you, taking care of your personal needs.

By having the aid of a professional coordinator, your wedding day will be an enjoyable experience for you. Your wedding coordinator will be taking care of all the little details, making sure your vendors are arriving and performing their duties, and that you are taken care of and relaxed. You will be able to fully enjoy the day and the events surrounding it. Iíve actually had married women come up to me at weddings and say, ďI donít know how I got married without a coordinator.Ē

Your day of the wedding package includes the following:

• An in-person meeting one month before to discuss your wedding day timeline, etiquette, customs, tradition and answer wedding-related questions

• One meeting with your venue, if you requested

• At least weekly contact the month prior to your wedding date

• Timelines sent to all bridal party members and vendors to ensure complete coordination between all involved parties

• Complete contact with your vendors once they have received your wedding day timeline, to relieve you of multiple phone calls and questions

• Our discounts with local retailers, wholesalers and vendors

• Professional coordinator and assistant for 3 hours for the rehearsal day (no need to hire your Officiant for the rehearsal)

• Professional coordinator and assistant for 10 hours on the wedding day for light set-up, light clean-up, centerpieces and favor placement, event management and coordination

Starting at an investment of $1300.